Police Directory

Police Department

Mission Statement
To provide the highest quality of service that promotes and maintains a safe environment in partnership with the community.  

Core Values
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Safety
  • Responsiveness


Peterson Final - Copy
David Peterson
Chief of Police

Armstrong Final - Copy (2)
Steven Armstrong
Deputy Chief

Dickerson Final - Copy
Rodney Dickerson
Operations Captain

Gutknecht Final - Copy
Steven Gutknecht
Investigations Captain

Schipferling Final - Copy
Derek Schipferling
Operations Lieutenant

Dustin Celander
Administrative Lieutenant

Haugenoe Final - Copy
Randy Haugenoe
Administrative Sergeant


Dery Final - Copy
Daniel Dery
Lieutenant Detective

Aide Final - Copy
Sam Aide
Sergeant Detective

Hendricks Final - Copy
Danielle Hendricks
Sergeant Detective

All crimes reported to the Williston Police Department are reviewed and investigated by the Williston Police Department staff.

The Detective Division is supervised by Captain Steven Gutknecht, Lieutenant Daniel Dery, Sergeant Sam Aide, and Sergeant Danielle Hendricks and is comprised of other trained detectives.

The Detective Division regularly works with the Williams County Sheriff's Office, Northwest Narcotics Task Force, the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigations, the North Dakota Highway Patrol, and all Federal Agencies.


Lt. Benzen
Hugh Benzen
Patrol Lieutenant

Lt. Hall
Walter Hall
Patrol Lieutenant

Lt. Martinson
Travis Martinson
Patrol Lieutenant

Lt. Wilson
Michael Wilson
Patrol Lieutenant

Sgt. Flesness
Brett Flesness
Patrol Sergeant

Sgt. Hendricks
Jacob  Hendricks
Patrol Sergeant

Sgt. Isenhower
Michael Isenhower
Patrol Sergeant/Honor Guard

Sgt. Koehn
Jacob Koehn
Patrol Sergeant

Sgt. Olson
Luke Olson
Patrol Sergeant

Sgt. Pelzl
Justin Pelzl
Patrol Sergeant

Sgt. Prentice
Kenneth Prentice
Patrol Sergeant

Sgt. Ravaska
Kristiina Ravaska
Patrol Sergeant/Citizen's Academy

K9 Unit

Jonas Sisu
Jason Jonas and K9 Sisu
Patrol Officer and K9


Community Service Officers

CSO Ambrosini
Madison Ambrosini
Community Service Officer

CSO Jimenez
Yulissa Jimenez
Community Service Officer

CSO Pelzl
Amber Pelzl
Community Service Officer

CSO Wade
Carli Wade
Community Service Officer

School Resource Officers

Jacobson Final - Copy
Beau Jacobson
Elementary School Resource Officer

Cook Final - Copy
Heather Cook
Middle School Resource Officer

Hilgart Final - Copy (2)
Joshua Hilgart
High School Resource Officer


Norsten Final - Copy
Chelsea Norsten
Records Administrator
Stellmacher Final - Copy
Calli Stellmacher
Records Administrator

Johnson Final - Copy
Amy Johnson
Records Administrator

To request a public record click here or email your request to: records@ci.williston.nd.us