Citizens Complaint

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Dear Concerned Citizen,

This letter is to assist you in registering a complaint against an employee or officer of the Williston Police Department . To facilitate this process, I ask that the attached complaint form be completed and returned to the department as soon as possible.

Complaint Form
If you are completing the form at our office, please submit to the on-duty supervisor. You may download and email or mail a completed form to:

Williston Police Department
Attn: Captain Armstrong
223 E. Broadway Ste. #201
Williston, ND 58801

Your complaint will receive a full investigation. The assigned supervisor overseeing the inquiry will contact you with the outcome once the matter has been fully investigated. They may also contact you during the inquiry with additional questions.

Please be assured that we strive to provide the best possible police service for our community and are appreciative when citizens bring matters of concern to our attention. It is our goal to investigate these matters, so they can be resolved to the benefit of the department and the community.


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David Peterson
Chief of Police