Honor Guard

Police Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Williston Police Honor Guard Unit is to present a professional ceremonial presence during selected public appearances. Historically, these appearances have included parades, funerals, town functions, sporting events and other such functions.


The Honor Guard Unit is made up of police officers of all ranks who volunteer their time for the guard’s public appearances. Based on our association founding, honor guard members stand as equals, with decisions relating to honor guard matters being made in a democratic manner. Membership is open to any active Williston Police Officer. All guard members are expected to participate in ceremonial events and maintain a professional presence in keeping with the Williston Police Honor Guard mission.

Williston Police Honor Guard Members

Sergeant Michael Isenhower     
Sergeant Brett Flessness
Officer Beau Jacobson

Public Appearances

When a request for an honor guard appearance is made, the request is reviewed by guard members for appropriateness. If the request in keeping with the honor guard’s mission and the guard membership agrees, the request is forwarded for review by the Deputy Chief  and Chief of Police. All approved requests are then met if personnel are available. A minimum of four (4) Officers is required for the proper display and escort of the colors.

To Request a Public Appearance

Any person or group requesting the appearance of the Williston Police Honor Guard Unit for an event can contact the Honor Guard Unit c/o Sergeant Michael Isenhower Jr. at isenhower@ci.williston.nd.us.